Gamal IGT Vermentino Sheet vintage 2020 BIO

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Sheet vintage 2020 BIO

CLIMATE : The 2020 harvest brought reduced yields, but the grapes presented an excellent balance and a perfect health condition. In Camigliano we have wines with very intense colors and aromas, with great balance and personality, even with the passage of time during aging. The vintage began with a rather mild winter. Spring was very good in terms of climate, with abundant rains, but which did not affect the health status of the plants, which also developed with excellent and robust vegetation. The spring rainfall allowed the accumulation of important water reserves in the soil, which helped the plants to overcome a hot and dry summer, without rain and with rather high heat peaks, with peaks above 40 ° C between July and August. .. Fortunately, rain occurred at the end of August, which rehydrated the soil and vegetation; then the month of September (fundamental for Sangiovese) was fabulous and the climate allowed for a fantastic ripening of the grapes. The wines obtained have really important tonalities and intensities, among the best in recent years; The acid component is evident, and the freshness of the aromas is manifested from the first tastings; these two components: a remarkable structure and freshness, but already in great balance. We hope for one of the longest-lived vintages of recent years

HARVEST: : last week of August

GRAPE: 100% vermentino

VINIFICATION: Soft pressing, racking, fermentation in temperature-controlled stainless steel vats at 16°-18°C for 2-3 weeks

PRODUCTION: 8.000 bottles

ANALYSIS: Alcool svolto(%): 12,90, Acidità totale (g/lt.): 5,7, Acidità volatile (g/lt.):0,40, SO2 LIbera (mg/lt.): 36, SO2 Totale (mg/lt.): 100, pH: 3,2

DESCRIPTION: a Vermentino from Tuscan lands with the sunny and ventilated Mediterranean climate to create a fresh, aromatic, fruity, soft wine with a slightly bitter finish

GASTRONOMIC ACCOMPANIMENTS: fish and other seafood dishes