The cellar, almost completely underground, was designed by exploiting the slope of the land whose gradients allowed the installation of terraces with a pleasant visual impact covered with grassy layers.

From the intense scents of our land ... an infinity of emotions and sensations to be grasped immediately ... in the magic of the moment.


Its construction was made possible by the demolition of an older building, which suffocated the entire historical square of the town, resulting in a notable improvement of its architectural structure and a spacious terrace overlooking surrounding countryside.

The cellar features two floors: the first holds 97-122Hl temperature-controlled stainless steel vats while the second, the lower and underground floor, is home to 60 hl French oak barrels.The front area, which is not underground but where a suffused zenith light filters in, is also used to bottle and store the wine.

The old tasting cellar, under the walls of the village, with its wooden beams and stone walls, offers ample space for wine tastings and can also be a place of meditation, a place to taste the different vintages of Brunello in order to understand its evolution in colour, bouquet, and flavour over the years.