Borgone IGt Toscana Sheet Vintage 2017 BIO

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Sheet Vintage 2017 BIO

CLIMATE : The 2017 vintage was characterized by a mild spring with dry conditions, which contributed to anticipate the germination and flowering. From May the temperatures were higher than the seasonal average with no rain. The water stress, at first, impacted the vineyards in a positive way, especially the old ones, but the long lasting drought, together with peaks of temperature of 40 C and higher, challenged the grapes and their maturation. The positive aspect was that the grapes were very healthy, an essential precodition for organic production. The big heat of the summer had a break during the first week of August, with a decisive lowering of the tempetature, what had a benefical effect to the plants. The vintage 2017 can be considered a difficult one, as far as the quantity concerns, with a loss of production of about 25-30%. However, here in Camigliano, thanks to the job carried on in the vineyards during the spring and summer, and the precise selection of grapes during the harvest, we can assert that the vintage 2017 will be a very good one, as far as the quality concerns. The vinification were delicate, and the wines are expected to be fresh, intense and rich in polyphenols. The 2017 will be the first vintage officially certified organic

HARVEST: : end of September, first week of October

GRAPE: 70% sangiovese, 30% merlot

VINIFICATION: Soft pressing, fermentation in temperature-controlled stainless steel vats at 26°-28°C with pumping over. Maceration on the skins for 7-10 days
PRODUCTION: 40.000 bottles
ANALYSIS: Alcool svolto(%): 14, Acidità totale (g/lt.): 5,1, Acidità volatile (g/lt.):0,6, SO2 Totale (mg/lt.): 78, SO2 libera (mg/lt.) 31, pH: 3,76
DESCRIPTION: Borgone has an intense red colour with pleasantly vinous aromas and balanced flavours. Bouquet of ripe red fruit and spices. Tannins are elegant on the palate and the wine offers excellent balance and drinkability

GASTRONOMIC ACCOMPANIMENTS:: Pairs best with cold cuts, cheese, Tuscan canapés and bruschetta