GAMAL ROSA IGT Sheet vintage 2019 BIO

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Sheet vintage 2019 BIO

CLIMATE : The 2019 vintage , in one word, is memorable for the extraordinary quality of the product. The seasonal trend has been of great help to us, with spring rains that have allowed the creation of important water reserves in the soil, suitable for facing a moderately hot summer and characterized by reduced rainfall. The climate, in the first half of the year, was more rigid and humid, and slightly delayed the vegetative cycle of the vine. The summer was hot but fairly regular, with no particular heat peaks or abundant rainfall. The month of September was characterized by fantastic weather, mild temperatures and large temperature fluctuations, little rainfall, which allowed the perfect phenolic ripening of the grapes. This produced slow fermentations, during which there was a large extraction of color, with very good acidity, integrated with an important polyphenolic component, ensuring complexity. The Brunellis present very balanced analytical data with peaks in value relating to anthocyanins and polyphenols. In general, all are very complex, large, with the structure that does not dominate the balance, and where the acidity is marked, despite a not low alcoholic component. This is mainly due to the perfect ripening conditions of the grapes that arrive in the cellar

HARVEST: : last week of August

GRAPE: 80% sangiovese, 20% shiraz

VINIFICATION: fermentation in steel vats at controlled temperature, fermentation temperature: 12-14 ° C, batonnage on the lees for 4 months at a temperature of around 12 ° c
PRODUCTION: 1.500 bottles
ANALYSIS: Alcool svolto(%): 12,80, Acidità totale (g/lt.): 6,5, Acidità volatile (g/lt.):0,40, SO2 LIbera (mg/lt.): 35, SO2 Totale (mg/lt.): 87, pH: 3,1
DESCRIPTION: good aromas, with floral notes and an ethereal background. The flavor is enveloping, has mineral notes, combined with a great drinkability and persistence. The sustained acidity of this wine leaves a pleasant sensation of freshness in the mouth.
GASTRONOMIC ACCOMPANIMENTS: it is served around 8-10 ° C, excellent as an aperitif in combination with salty and fried snacks